Compassionate Connections for Individuals and Businesses


To grow social awareness of conscious living by bringing compassionate people and businesses together and engaging them in cross pollinating cultural experiences, especially online.


We aim to sow into the growth of a more compassionate culture by introducing people to choices that cause less harm. We do this through cultivating an array of social events, partnerships and other experience based endeavors. Our ultimate yield will be the expansion and realization of a more connected and equal community, both local and global.


We work with companies that we believe inCompanies that are working hard to make their communities and the world a better place for animals and humans alike. We help organize, convey, and extend their message to better serve their goals and make them known as thought leaders in their industry.


GRATITUDE = FOCUS = SUCCESS: The Harvest Hands discuss what two of the richest men of all time can teach us about success in anything

Photo: Luxury Topics When Bill Gates and Warren Buffet once met at a dinner where they were asked to identify what attributed to their success by writing it on a napkin. -- The story goes that they both wrote down the same one word answer: “focus”. -- When I first...
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