So it had been a while since our last event.  And we had really been itching to put something super unique together.  So to symbolize our love for our friends and supporters, each other and the tremendous impact of living a plant based lifestyle we decided to curate an extra special night filled with plenty of aphrodisiacs to celebrate Valentine’s Day and put The Harvest Hands’ brand of unique on it.


We teamed up with some of our favorite local businesses to highlight their great work for the night. To truly provide everyone with a night filled with learning and delicious food, we put together a workshop style environment that invited people to come with a friend or their significant other so they can split up for an hour for one of our two workshops and come back together to discuss their new skill over the four course gourmet dinner prepared and served by Living Life Fresh Cafe.


The night began in the ideal location in one of the coolest parts of Dallas, at The Common Desk in Deep Ellum. Our guests arrived to our Valentine’s decorations and some homemade, raw nut cheese and crackers made by one of the head chefs of Living Life Fresh, Evita Tezeno.

Once all of our guests had arrived, enjoyed some of the appetizers, and started to soak up each other’s amazing energy, we divided up into our two workshop groups to begin the sessions.

Some of our guests attended Factory Glam‘s makeup tutorial on the great ingredients behind their cruelty free professional makeup line that’s set to release later this Spring.


These guests got to take home exclusive pieces of the line after trying some of their new favorites while learning some expert application tips as well as the importance behind cruelty free beauty care.

On the opposite end of the venue the others attendees were learning the art of craft American whiskey from one of the biggest (and cutest) whiskey lovers out there, Zak. 😉


He showcased three very different whiskeys to the group and discussed nose (aroma) flavor profiles, and how to properly taste the spirit. The first was a Texas bourbon distilled right here in Dallas by Herman Marshall.  The second being a modern classic distilled in Vermont, Whistle Pig Rye.  This is one of the most renowned rye whiskeys around, and rightfully so.  And the third, an “Alabama Style” whiskey, distilled in Kentucky by a lesser known distiller with a much richer history, Clyde Mayes.  Zak says this is one of the best whiskeys he’s tasted and that says a lot.  It was their 2016 Special Reserve, very limited and quite a treat for our attendees.  He was so excited and giddy about this whiskey, he’s pretty adorable when he gets that way if I do say so myself. 🙂


Once everyone got their fill of a new experience, we dimmed the lights a bit and set the scene for a romantic and incredible dinner. Our guests started off the meal by breaking out their own wine bottles to pair with Living Life Fresh’s beautiful plate of the following apps: 1) wedge salad on a stick (eggplant bacon, romaine lettuce, grape salad and grape tomato and a vegan bleu cheese dressing), 2) a stuffed “devilled” mini potato, and 3) a caprese salad skewer topped with a balsamic vinaigrette drizzle. 


The next dish was the “soup de jour”: a truly one of kind New England Oyster Mushroom “Clam” Chowder. Our guests raved over the authentic texture and flavor, as many of our vegan guests haven’t had anything like it since giving up the real thing!


To cleanse the palate and prepare for the main course, the LLF (Living Life Fresh) chefs prepared a “Trou Normand”, which was a blood orange sorbet made with no sugar that truly restarted our palate for the savory third course ahead.


Next, they took a classic English favorite, the beef wellington and stuffed it with a plant based alternative, a portobello mushroom cap. They paired it with buttery mashed potatoes and rich glazed multi colored carrots.


If our guests weren’t already getting full, this dish certainly put them feeling hearty and satisfied. Luckily everyone had just enough room for my favorite part: dessert! The LLF chefs, Evita, Babs, and Stephanie, really nailed it with this one: Chocolate Orange Bread Pudding, Raw vegan Cherry Pecan Brownies with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, and white chocolate cheesecake. Our guests were left quite speechless about their sweet treats. These finished the night beautifully.

In case we didn’t already win the hearts of our guests, we wanted to make sure to send them home with full bellies, new knowledge, great memories, and a little goodie bag to have for the house. Thanks to our friends at Compassionate Collective, they curated bags filled with some of their favorite cruelty free and compassionate vendors to give to each couple to promote their highly anticipated V Market that’s coming to Dallas on March 26th!
Needless to say our guests weren’t the only ones that left happy, healthy, and filled with great memories from the night; we also could not stop smiling after completing what we will remember as a magical night. This only fueled us for many more ideas and collaborations for exciting events to come!  So stay tuned and stay in love!
Thanks so much for reading!