The challenge to cut out all grains for a month has certainly been tough to say the least. But it was a challenge that we were excited to take on, not necessarily to lose weight, but to reflect on how our bodies feel after making the change. And what a reflection it has been.

One thing is for sure, we have been looking at food in a whole new light.  What’s really mind blowing is that the major grains (corn, rice and wheat mostly) are the top GMO enriched foods in America. But luckily, there are initiatives in play, both locally and nationally, that are working to change that.  We try to eat as little GMOs as possible, so cutting out grains makes us feel much safer that we are eating less. GMOs suck, we don’t want that nasty shit.

That being said, we’re definitely missing those classic grain-filled treats like donuts, pizza, crackers, and muffins. So we took our cravings and found ways (thank you, Pinterest) to make them grain-free and vegan!

Here are some of our favorites:

Spiral Diner “Brachos”- One of our great friends let us in on a nacho hack, by simply subbing out the corn chips for broccoli and getting all of the same toppings (we just took of the corn on top too). This way, you’re still getting their dreamy house-made cashew cheese and all the same nacho vibes, without the grains!


Sweet Potato Eggplant Curry by our incredibly talented friend Jackie Sabon, from her new cookbook, Vegan Bowl Attack. We just used Quinoa instead of rice and it still served as a perfect base to all of the incredible flavors she put together in her recipe!

Flax crackers– They seriously go so well with hummus, guac, Miyoko’s Cheese, and pretty much anything dippable! And you can get creative with them by adding whatever ingredients you want to them. We liked adding herbs, spices, and nooch.

We got to attend a four-course dinner event called The Taste of Sound, where each course was paired with music performed by a local band called Amuse that is really doing some big things in our community. The lead guitarist is the founder of a new charity called The Mohawk Militiathat is on a mission to create awareness on food laws concerning cleanliness and GMO’s as well as the importance of having fresh, clean, non-processed food readily available to every child and adult in the U.S. So the whole point behind this dinner was to raise awareness of the program and to provide an incredible experience of non-gmo food, which we are clearly all about. The dinner was not all vegan, but after reaching out to Chef Stark to let him know that we are vegan and grain-free, he was more than happy to create a specialfour-course menu for us to enjoy. Everything was incredibly delicious and creative, but our favorite dish was the third course called the Chef’s Chickpea Chloe, which is basically a super flavorful curry dish that really blew our minds!

Courtney attended a business luncheon at the Hilton Anatole and was pleasantly surprised by the dish she got after telling the wait staff that she was not only vegan, but also grain-free. This colorful dish was filled with a bell pepper stuffed with quinoa, grilled tofu, roasted chickpeas, sautéed veggies, and a tomato puree sauce. Definitely a huge win for a corporate luncheon!


And of course, we like our sweets in breakfast form. So chocolate strawberry pancakes were a perfect grain-free way to enjoy a classic brunch treat.-Adapted from this recipe.

We’ve got a week left of our month of grain-free eating and we’re nearing the end of our five pound bag of quinoa we bought at the beginning of the month. There’s no doubt we’ll be celebrating reaching our goal of going a month without grains (there may have been an accidental rice protein slip up) with some pizza, tacos, and donuts. But one thing is for sure, we’ll be lessening our grain intake from now on after seeing the real effects on our bodies and over-all mindset.