One of the most fulfilling feelings is to set goals, and then accomplish them. No, crush them with ravenous intent.  That’s what we’re doing.  With the new year, we thought it was a pretty relevant time to tackle some nutrition goals that we had been talking about for a while. One of them being grain free. In our case, testing it out for at least a month. 

We’ve been reading that going grain free, even for this sure amount of time, can have massive benefits on your mind and body.  And here and here and here and here. The crazy part is that grains, and sugar for that matter, is in just about everything we eat, especially processed foods and restaurant food). So while we made a vow to cut out grains for month, we also decided to not eat out for a whole month as well. This has inevitably led us to take a closer look at our groceries and turn the whole resolution into one big experiment!

We’re not only getting to see how our bodies feel after the month, but also how much we saved by not going out to eat, and expand our cooking skills and creativity by making all of our meals ourselves.

So far, we’re a week in and we have seriously already learned so much! One of the biggest takeaways is the value of keeping a log of the things we’re eating, spending, and feeling. It’s a pretty exciting journey that we want to take you on.

How we’re feeling:


Mentally: Craving corn and bread & cornbread. But after eating a meal that I would think needs some kind of grain, I feel satisfied instead of deprived. I have missed something crunchy though, like corn chips or cereal. Nuts have been a good substitute.

Physically:  Ok so this might be a little bit TMI but the biggest thing I’ve noticed is being especially gassy… Could be my body releasing some sort of extra energy that grains would have otherwise supplied.


Mentally: Craving bread and tortillas. Duh.

Physically: Getting hungry faster. It could be due to the lack of grains that aren’t sticking with me as long as a heavier carb would. But I think it’s good as it leaves me reaching for healthier options to replace the caloric value of what the grain would be.

Pinterest has seriously been an awesome resource for us for this experiment. By starting our own Grain Free’ board, we’ve been able to gather inspiration for all of the cool things we can do without grains that we wouldn’t have otherwise thought of before.

A week’s worth of grain-free meals:


  1. 7 ingredient blender muffins. We subbed Ener-G instead of eggs, because eggs are disgusting. (pictured above)
  2. Banana pumpkin muffins. Inspired by this recipe, but used almond flour and used Ener-G instead of eggs, because again, ew.
  3. Pumpkin Banana nice cream (inspired by this recipe, just made vegan)
  4. Apple with almond butter (Whole Foods 365 brand is the best!)
  5. Pear with Evolve Mellow Mocha Vegan Protein Shake
  6. Follow Your Heart’s Vegan Egg Muffins (inspired by this non-vegan recipe) with Kale, Peppers and chocolate donuts with clementines (pictured below, as the insanely cheesy smiley face)
  7. Vegan Egg Southwest Omelette with tomatoes, onions, guac, The Goat’s Revolt Aged Parmesan, cajun sauce (pictured below the ridiculously silly smiley face)










  1. Sabra Hummus and Veggies (keepin’ it real……. simple)
  2. Black eye peas with cabbage, carrots, veggie stock
  3. Bean chili with Beyond Meat crumbles
  4. Sweet potato with cashew cream, black beans, and kale (had this meal a few times. Topped with sauerkraut one day)
  5. Panera lunch: beet, kale, quinoa, pecans, and clementine salad with cup of black bean soup with added avocado (pictured right)


  1. Sweet potato kale tots served with Sriracha ketchup (used with Montana Mex ketchup) and Chili cheese baked potatoes with Tofutti sour cream, Daiya cheese shreds
  2. Zoodles with cashew cream and basil
  3. -Napa cabbage, jicama, cilantro, tomato, smoked almonds, asian citrus dressing & peanut sauce, carrot, purple cabbage salad from Ivy Kitchen. Courtney went out to a event that catered. (not pictured)
  4. Broccoli Cheese Soup with flax crackers and Miyoko’s cheese for appetizer
  5. Black beans with onion, broccoli, veggie stock, Tofutti sour cream and Sriracha (not pictured)
  6. Walnut “Meat”balls with marinara sauce, over Miracle Noodles (we tried fettuccini and cappellini) and topped it with a teeny piece of Miyoko’s cheese, of course 😉

P.S. We have more time to take pics when we’re eating at home, so this list is a bit more organized with regards to pictures… We made a list














  1. Fruit salad with So Delicious cashew cream salted caramel cluster ice cream
  2. Protein Puck (made out of sun butter, coconut, and almonds)
  3. SoDelicious coconut yogurt (unsweetened & sweetened vanilla) topped with strawberries and Artisana raw coconut chocolate sauce

Our Favorite New Recipes We Tried: 

Courtney’s favorite:

-Sweet Potato Kale Tots

Zak’s favorite:

-Broccoli Cheese soup




We’re obviously having way too much fun with this new diet and honestly can’t wait to see where we are come February 1st. Follow our Instagram stories and pics on our page to see us cooking up the new recipes we’re finding and creating!