Hey Friends,

First off, we would just like to thank you for being here.  Our first blog post is to explain to you why we’re here. In fact, our stories go as far back to when we were both in college, but we will save the long version for some other time.12071224_473300322838613_1705498291_n

Our desire to start this brand comes as much from our love for each other as it does for our love for the community we strive to support and for what it stands. We’re together because we love each other but we wanted to put that love into creating something even bigger than our relationship.  Two friends of ours, who are also a business owning couple, were staying with us for a time, while they were in town for a festival.  One of them was Zak’s former employer turned dearest of friends, named Jill.  Her husband, John, shared with us something that has impassioned them and it truly inspired us: One morning while we were hanging out he said (about Jill’s and his successful relationship and business endeavors) “I want to be with someone who I want to create something with.”11881784_1640706389528167_1528080055_n

We continued to reflect and meditate on those words for a while after our friends, who live in Ontario, Canada, had gone back home.  And we decided that our desire to create something together and our love for our community was just too strong, so we set out on a journey, to bring our own brand of excitement to a cause we are especially passionate about.11410383_471168003060972_120184555_n

What will follow in the days, months and years will be a reflection of that passion, not only for our community, but for each other.  We can’t wait to share the incredibly exciting things with you that we have planned.12394221_425263887684607_1305539727_n(1)

Stay tuned and stay amazing.

-Zak and Courtney