Our first event!

This is where we started. Our first event was co-hosted by the awesome folks at 940s Kitchen & Cocktails off the square in Denton, TX and Vegan Noms, a Dallas local food truck, specializing in the dankest of sweet treats. It took place at 940s Kitchen and Cocktails. Oh, Denton, that town has so many memories for Courtney and me, so we were super excited for it.  On top of that we got to see some of our dearest friends, and Courtney’s mom even got to join us!  It was so much fun.


The event started around 6:30 and Courtney and I had just come from her friend Erin’s graduation party.  From there we drove up to Denton and made our way to the restaurant.  We were pretty nervous, if we’re being honest.  This was our first event, I mean really, we had a lot on our shoulders.  

So we got there and realized we had a problem… Not enough bowls for the soup.  Shit…  So we scrambled to find some, ended up “renting” them from Wal-Mart at the last minute (which worked out well because we were out of almond milk at home).  Courtney went on the bowl run while I stayed behind to help with set up.  By the time she had gotten back with the bowls, guests had already started arriving.  Honestly, we were panicking and a tad bit frantic.  But the smiles and warm welcoming of our friends (and whiskey) got us (me) through.

It was really cool getting a behind the scenes look at the dishes being cooked and plated.  940s is truly is a top class establishment and the management and staff there are incredible.  We helped run food and drinks, which was kind of fun and nostalgic for us both even though we both vowed to leave our waiting days behind us.  In the end, we stood up and thanked everyone there and Matt, the manager at 940s Kitchen and Cocktails was able to say a few words about “why Denton” and “why 940s” which was awesome.  

We got a big round of applause and we knew that we had pulled it off and that this was the start of something truly amazing.

Also the food was stupid good. Shout out to chef David Rodriguez.

The inspiration for this event came from our good friend Allison Catalani with Vegan Noms.  She called Courtney up and was like “hey, I wanna do something in Denton” and Courtney was like “I know just the guy”.  We can’t thank you enough, Allison, for your help with this and also for providing delicious sweets.

Thanks for reading,


P.S. Here’s a rundown of the food and wine pairing:

First Course:

Roasted Apple Potato Soup with homemade bread paired with a McManis Viognier ‘current.

Second Course:

Chickpea/Corn Fritters with Chipotle Remoulade paired with a DiArie Rose ’09


Third Course

Smoked Oyster Mushrooms Butternut Squash Puree/Braised Leeks paired with a McManis Pinot Noir ‘current.

940s blog cover shot

Fourth Course:

Vegan desserts created by Vegan Noms including Lemon Glazed Gingerbread Cookies, Dark Chocolate Peppermint Fudge, Red Velvet Cupcake paired with a Pavan Moscato Dolce NV